Most unusual food ever eaten

When some of our missionary friends were recently asked about the most unusual food they ever had, here is what they had to say:

Jessyca Armbrister Squirrel stomachs, or some type of insides (I was told).

Karen Weeks Silva Uuummmm… Maybe it was the cow eyeball.

Isaac Thomas Dog meat served by my north east friends.

Ali Houting Pig knuckles/holves…

Dennis Cole Silk worm.

Jonathan Grigg Fruit bat

Judy Bradford Sea cucumber!

Deborah Williams Beaver

Heather Christ Grasscutter with fou-fou.

Judy Bradford I was going to say “Chicken fried steak”…

Esther Fritz BBQ-ed Iguana (tastes like chicken), grilled Paca (taste nothing like chicken) and boiled iguana eggs (tastes like rubber).

Ellen Rode Yak stomach.

Jackie Ramos A cow pig, as the interpreter described it , with the hair still on the skin… Smelled like poop, in the jungles of Belize! Please Jesus don’t send me there again!

Fay Williams A  pattie fried in lard with a half inch of the frying fat solid/cold around it – in a poor Hindi village of Fiji.

David Hurst Toasted green and blue moldey bread with laughing cow cheese – after 7 weeks without any bread/yeast based food. This was during DTS outreach in the Madagascar Bush!

Maureen Martisius Mystery Meat!

Fritz Human House cat!

Karina Maule Oh my, reading all of your weird and strange meals, my sheep’s head, intestines (cow & sheep), chicken & sheep feet and Mopani worms (dried though-tastes like grass), sounds like manna from Heaven. Seriously, canine, feline, reptile & rodent? You ALL have wonderful feasts waiting up in Heaven 🙂

Esther Fritz ‎@Karina, I don’t think I could ever swallow a worm, even if it were called a grub!  We all do our best when reaching out in the name of Jesus and HE is the one who accomplishes the impossible through us.

Sue Mitchell Weeks Well, it wasn’t as a missionary, but – Armadillo –  in the Florida Everglades.  For those of you who are not from the south, this may sound odd – Liver Pudding.  It isn’t sweet, as it sounds.  It’s like fried liver paté, eaten mostly as a b…reakfast meat. Our mom used to make it when we “killed hogs” in the dead of winter in North Carolina.  She also made “Souse Meat.”  That’s sort of pickled “odd man out” parts of the pig.

Charles Dodgen Meat in West Africa. Didn’t ask what kind, because if I knew what it was, I would not have eaten it.

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