Getting Ready For A Life At Sea


September 24, 2012

Safety First

Getting ready for life at sea, especially deep sea where you may go weeks at a time across oceans, means carrying proven safety equipment. It also means stocking up on spare parts and provisions. Many ports of call may have little or nothing to offer, so the ability to care for our own needs is essential.

Leaning into Experience

As we prepare El Encuentro for her life at sea, and she was designed for deep sea voyages, we enter a phase where we are leaning into experienced sailors who have travsersed the Pacific for a life time. Their knowledge, wisdom and advice is priceless. One thing is for sure, you don’t know what you dont know, so being humble and asking a lot of question is key in a process like this.

Our Current Needs – If you would like to help

Current estimates are approx $25,000 for additional equipment.  Everything from life rafts, additional electronic equipment, spare parts (everything from sails to bilge pumps).  If you would like to donate toward El Encuentro’s deep sea outfit click here.  And thank you!

Interested in knowing more? Contact us. We’d love to chat!