35,000+ Services Delivered Since January 3rd


Brett Curtis believes his recent meetings with Papua New Guinea officials herald a new era of increased partnership between the government there and YWAM. Curtis, the director of YWAM Ships Kona, has spent most of the last three months collaborating with PNG leaders regarding the delivery of healthcare services to impoverished citizens, particular in rural areas. He said the nation faces significant health care challenges.

“We learned that among 7-plus million Papua New Guineans, there are only nine eye surgeons in the entire country and — worse still — there are only five orthopedic surgeons,” Curtis said.
In recent weeks, Charles Abel, the minister of planning and implementation in Papua New Guinea, has traveled aboard the m/v YWAM PNG, operated out of Townsville, Australia. He wanted to get a first-hand perspective on how YWAM is helping to meet the nation’s medical needs.
“He attended clinics in villages and was very encouraged at what an international group of YWAM volunteers were accomplishing each day on board these two YWAM ships in his nation,” Curtis said. “He remarked several times concerning his support for YWAM, ‘it is a very smart use of our government’s resources to be supporting YWAM.'”

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Sir Michael Somare — the East Sepik governor and nation’s first prime minister — also met with YWAM leaders about future medical outreaches. YWAM Ships Kona is slated to deploy the m/v PACIFIC LINK to East Sepik this fall. West New Britain is also in process of inviting the PACIFIC LINK to Kimbe and surrounding islands. Click here for the latest ports of call schedule.
Curtis said he was also encouraged by the work of YWAM medical volunteers in Papua New Guinea.

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare - Weak May 2016“I saw the refreshing results of our long-term commitment to this incredibly beautiful yet extremely challenged nation — results that are slowly multiplying in some very remote rural areas,” Curtis said.

He said YWAM’s partnership with the PNG government is likely to become broader and stronger.

“When you look at the nation’s own health plan — drawn up by those officials in PNG who know best — you see how the National Department of Health has been very intentional in weaving our ships into their strategic plan, thanks to the amazing work of YWAM Medical Ships Australia since 2011. They see our YWAM vessels, the m/v YWAM PNG and m/v PACIFIC LINK as key partners to reach their remote villages, which is such a privilege.”

Since beginning outreaches in Madang, northern Papua New Guinea, in January, the m/v PACIFIC LINK has delivered more than 35,000 healthcare services in 66 villages with 2400 Bibles delivered and 800 Jesus films downloaded. Over 2700 people engaged in a meaningful discussion on their life and beliefs. Curtis said the work wouldn’t be possible with YWAM’s financial partners.

“Thank you for your continued support and interest in what we are doing. Word is spreading about our volunteer, supply and funding needs. If you would like to assist in the success of what we are doing you may find some of these links appropriate to forward to your network of friends,” Curtis said. “Please consider a donation today, it would be gratefully received.”

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