News: First Orthopedic Surgeries Underway in PNG with YWAM Ships Kona

2016 Jul 07


YWAM Ships Kona orthopedic surgeon volunteer Dr. Oystein Berg from Norway IMG_9831working hard for 8-weeks with the m/v PACIFIC LINK alongside local surgeons in Madang, PNG. Dr. Oystein is helping to relieve the back log of cases and teach various procedures. As a department head in a hospital in Norway he is a long way from home with his wife and son on board finishing up their DTS outreach.

Even with compound fractures locals arriving at A&E have to wait for days, up to a week before surgeries are possible. By then often massive infection has set in making for some very complex work. The surgeons in Madang are amazing! Lets rally around them help them out as much as we can!





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