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July 19, 2017

We had a very successful sail to the outer atoll of Namu and went to the islands of Mae and Loen.

While there we did health clinics, diabetes prevention education, gave out reading glasses, performed children’s programs, engaged in men’s and women’s Bible studies and gave out a Bible to every household on both islands. 32 Bibles on Mae and 48 Bibles on Loen.

We’ve continued to build relationships with the people we meet. Just recently we created new relationships with Torlick Anien, Alap of Mae and with Riten Hemuel, Alap of Loen.

Each family is part of a clan, which owns all land. The clan owes allegiance to a chief, who oversees the clan heads called Alap. The Alaps are supported by laborers. The Alap supervise land maintenance and daily activities.

Scott had a meeting with the mayor, Hirata Kabua and the head councilman Scott Paul about the after school program “Escape – ESC – Ebeye Sailing Club” that we are proposing to start in August.  It was a very successful meeting and they are very excited about a sailing program that strives to keep kids in school. They have asked for a business plan that outlines the expenses so they can propose it for the 2017/2018 School year budget as they would like to partner with us in the expenses.

Morale continues to be good despite several of us having colds, cough and fever.
The Sudernos

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