The YWAM Ships volunteers had just finished a regular day of providing health services at a small village in Bougainville. The vehicles were packed with people and medical supplies. Everyone was ready to go back to the m/v YWAM Liberty for the night. 

Then, out of nowhere, Swickley Tova, our ship engineer, ran up to the trucks with urgent news. A woman down the road was going into labor and needed medical supervision and transportation to the nearby health center immediately! 

Our team quickly changed plans to help this desperate woman. Two nurses volunteered to ride in a car with the pregnant woman while the rest of the team followed close behind. 

After beginning the journey to the hospital, our nurses examined the woman and realized that the baby was about to be born right there in the car! They decided to pull over to allow the mother to go into full labor without being jostled around by the rough road. Within minutes the nurses delivered a healthy baby boy right there in the back of the crowded vehicle. 

The mother and baby were stabilized, then taken to the health center for further medical care. The team returned to the ship feeling grateful that they had been in the right place to help just in time. What had started out as a routine day of clinics ended with the best surprise of all – a brand new life. 

YWAM Ships Kona

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