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for YWAM Ships Kona

    Our current location is a leased former hotel in the heart of downtown Kailua-Kona business district on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    For eight years, the building, named Port YWAM, has served as an ideal location for training and equipping our staff and ships’ crews for the important tasks of bringing education, healing, and hope to people who could not be reached by any means other than a ship.

    pacific outreach port

    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

    Since 2013

    A Building That Continues

    an amazing
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    View of Kailua-Kona landing with Mokuaikaua Church and Hulihee Palace in the background;
    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

    Is the building’s location a coincidence? We don’t believe so. Kailua Bay, across the street from Port YWAM, is the site where a ship arrived 200 years ago bringing the first missionaries to Hawaii. That ship’s arrival brought education, healing, and eternal hope. The oppressive religion of the past was quickly exchanged for literacy, community development, and an unwavering faith in God.

    From 1836 to 1898, missionaries would gather on this same beach to send missionary ships to other islands to bring the same blessings their own island now enjoyed.

    YWAM Ships Kona has continued this amazing legacy to the isolated islands of the Pacific to people with no opportunity to improve their lives. These isolated people have no roads, bridges, or airports connecting them to the outside world. 

    a significant opportunity

    before us

    Port YWAM’s location strategically positions us to bring healing, health, and the hope of the Gospel to over 900 islands of the Pacific.


    What It Takes to Own the Building:





    8.2M total
    I would like to take this time to sincerely thank YWAM Ships Kona for your partnership with us in delivering the much-needed services to our remote disadvantaged communities and urban poor here in Western Highlands Province and the whole of Highlands region of PNG. We really appreciate and value your partnership and contributions.
    Dr. Waimbe Wahamu, Deputy Chief Ophthalmologist - Highlands Region PNG, Papua New Guinea
    Our partnership with YWAM Ships Kona has helped to provide essential services to more places, while building capacity for people to continue meeting their development needs.
    Sasindran Muthuvel, Governor West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea
    We look forward to future visits from YWAM teams, building on the outcomes from their recent visit and exploring new areas for collaboration.
    Christopher J.Loeak, President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Marshall Islands
    God is allowing YWAM Ships Kona and the University of the Nations Kona, to work on the same goals, as twin ministries. For 60 years or more, I’ve traveled the nations of the earth and I have seen where the hardest places are. It’s the Islands of the Pacific.
    Loren Cunningham, Youth With A Mission Founder, USA

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      A Permanent Home for YWAM Ships Kona

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