Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Bible-Based Trauma Healing Equipping Seminar

2 weeks

August 1 - 14, 2021

1 Credit Hour

You will leave the seminar equipped to:

  • Organize and lead a Trauma Healing Group
  • Lead Trauma Healing Mini Sessions

Participants will gain a full understanding of the definition of trauma
and it’s many causes:

  • They will understand how a traumatized person often feels and
    behaves and affects others.
  • They will gain a deeper understanding of how God thinks, feels
    and responds to human suffering from biblical narrative.
  • They will be equipped with practical mental health and Biblical
    tools to help someone who is experiencing trauma
  • They will be equipped through practice exercises and coaching to
    facilitate “Healing Groups”.
  • They will be able to facilitate reflection and feedback on scripture
  • Participants will understand the compassionate, patient and beautiful
    care we receive from Jesus and Holy Spirit as He cares for us.
  • Together, we will seek and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us so that we
    might experience His heart as we lovingly care for the trauma of
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