Community Development Seminar

3 weeks

July 31 - August 19 2023

$350/week ($100 for staff)

The Community Development Seminar is a unique opportunity for you to tangibly explore how Jesus set the example of how to transform hearts and minds. This seminar will broaden our perspective as we recognize transformation starts with us, we are the catalysts of change. Join us for three weeks as we learn God’s intentions for development and how we can participate in the Great Commission and change that will remain!

We will look at our own perspective on a poverty worldview, and its impact on flourishing communities. You will be equipped with the ability to ask powerful questions to aid you in assessing the needs of communities you live or engage in, how to enter and leave communities in a healthy way, how to create disciples who are empowered to bring transformation in their own communities, and how to create sustainable development plans that help communities take steps of growth.

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