July 8, 2021

12 weeks of Lecture
8-12 weeks of Outreach

Kona, Hawaii

YWAM Ships Kona Campus, one mile from UofN Campus


Includes food and accommodation
*outreach not included

God has uniquely fashioned you through your cultural identity to bring Him honor and worship.

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Find God's Thumbprint

in every tribe, tongue, and nation
Fingerprints have been established as the “bar code” that identifies each individual in the human race.


Godʻs identity in you and His unique design, gifts and purpose for your life


to hear His voice, understand His ways and walk in the fullness of your calling


the promises and blessings that God made available to you


His love in a positive atmosphere that cultivates and champions Ohana (family)


passionate for God by encountering His presence through prayer, intercession, worship, creative sessions and learning of His word


To disciple, build and multiply Kingdom culture people that demonstrate God's love and power on earth through training and creative cultural expressions.


Equipping and Releasing all Nations

Island Breeze Hawai’i is a multi-ethnic worldwide community of Christians, committed to the mission of equipping and releasing all nations, tribes, people and languages–wherever they may be– to use the power and beauty of significant indigenous cultural expressions to proclaim and establish the Kingdom of God within the nations of the world.

Our Ohana welcomes you to embark on the journey of discovering who God says you are in a world of diverse cultural identities.

Got questions? We'd love to talk to you.

Email us at info@ywamships.net, or call us at +1 (808) 757 9150