Life and Liberty DTS

Live a life of extraordinary adventure with Jesus

about the course

To live in Christ produces liberty not only spiritually, but emotionally, physically, and relationally. We desire to live a life passionately pursuing God and reflecting Him in the world around us! Join us on a journey of becoming more Christ like in the Life and Liberty DTS.

Training Phase (3 months)

A DTS takes you deeper with God and your calling.

Learn from spiritual leaders with years of experience and put your learning right into practice.

Grow your faith

Express your passion

Hear God's voice

Get a Biblical Worldview

Community development

What makes us Unique?


Everything we do is an overflow of our relationship with God. Closeness with Him, and sensitivity to His spirit are paramount for fruitful ministry and eternal impact.


You will have many opportunities to bring your skills into ministry. This DTS is particularly geared towards hands-on outreaches. God has given you abilities we would love to help you use for His kingdom.

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Life and Liberty DTS


Arrival Day:

October 2, 2024

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Training Phase:


Outreach Phase:




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