find your passion.
discover your purpose.

A life-changing 5 month course

Ever feel like you were made for more? Maybe that’s because you are.

We invite you to come experience God who is passionate about you and has created you for something bigger than yourself. Join a family fiercely devoted to discovering more of God together. We can’t wait for the journey with you!

Find your passion

discover your purpose

identify your gifts

* Tracks subject to change base on student numbers, contact us at

A dts takes you deeper with god and your calling:

grow your faith

Learn from experienced missionaries in a community-style learning environment.

Get to the field

Outreach is the critical part of the course where you get hands-on cross-cultural ministry.

use your skills

From music to medical work, make a difference with what's in your hands.

Express your passion

Share God's love to the world through creativity, art, and passionate love.

be part of a movement

Join a global movement and God's great commission.

hear from graduated students

Slide Samuel Feenstra, United States "DTS has radically pushed me into a deeper relationship with God." Slide Sha Robinson, Australia "DTS has challenged me to trust in God in ways I was not aware of in my comfortable environment back home."
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July 8, 2021

3 months of lectures, 2 months mission trip

kona, hawaii

YWAM Ships campus, one mile from UofN


Lectures, Food, Housing
*Does not include outreach

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