Discover the ancient pathways of
the ring of fire

A transformational 6 and 1/2 month journey through the nations

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We overcome isolation
Through a burning devotion to unity

25,000 miles long. 90% of all earthquakes. 75% of all volcanoes.
The Ring of Fire

From New Zealand to Chile, the Ring of Fire is the home of more than thirty of the most beautiful, captivating, and diverse nations in the world - nations that have shaped culture and influenced the world for generations. Amongst these nations are the peoples of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, which unfortunately are some of the most isolated places on earth.

There is no place on earth quite like the islands of the Pacific - full of beauty that is only rivaled by the beauty of its people. Nothing excites us quite like the opportunity to travel to the farthest reaches of the earth to serve some of the most incredible people that can be found.

We believe that there is a deep connection between the nations of the Pacific Islands and the nations along the Ring of Fire. There is something more than the ocean that connects them; something deep within the heart of God. God is wanting to light the fire of His love for the people of the Pacific Islands in the hearts of all who call the Ring of Fire home. When people from all across this region join together and says yes to God’s will for the islands, we believe we will see revival come across the Pacific unlike anything we have ever seen before. We believe that isolation will not have the final word in the story of the people of the Pacific.

Do you?

Join us.


  • Kona, Hawaii
  • New Zealand
6-8 Weeks lecture &
1 Week Cultural Orientation
1 Week Local Outreach
per location


  • Pacific Islands*

  • (Melanesia, Micronesia,

7 Weeks


Kona, Hawaii
2 weeks on campus
*locations to be determined
The Ring of Fire is a mobile DTS that will travel to multiple nations over the course of the lecture phase. At each location there will be time to learn from the local people about their culture and the history of their land. We will also do a one-week local outreach. We believe it is always important to give back to the land we are living on and the people that have welcomed us to their home!

DTS tracks

* Tracks subject to change base on student numbers, contact us at [email protected]

A dts takes you deeper with god and your calling:

grow your faith

Learn from experienced missionaries in a community-style learning environment.

Get to the field

Outreach is the critical part of the course where you get hands-on cross-cultural ministry.

use your skills

From music to medical work, make a difference with what's in your hands.

Express your passion

Share God's love to the world through creativity, art, and passionate love.

be part of a movement

Join a global movement and God's great commission.

learn in the nations

Learn from multiple locations around the Pacific.

hear from graduated students

Emilio Tapia, United States
"DTS has sharpened my relationship with Jesus, re-established my faith, and shown me the true meaning of worship. My DTS has now been promoted to the favorite chapter of my life!"
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July 7, 2023

3 months of lectures, 3 months outreach

July 6, 2024

3 months of lectures, 3 months outreach

kona, hawaii

YWAM Ships campus, one mile from UofN


Lectures, Food, Housing, lecture phase flights
*does not include outreach

got questions? We'd love to talk.

[email protected]
+1 808 757 9150