Wind and Whisper

A life changing 6 month course

About the course

Wind and Whisper DTS is to call and equip young people who have a passion to see how hearing God’s voice and walking in the Spirit come together as the birthplace of missions. When we worship, we hear from God, we receive His heart, and we get to see the perspective of Heaven to love and serve the people of the Islands. Worship always leads us to knowing more about God, and knowing more of his heart - and this response overflows through prayer and intercession to being captivated for the nations. Come and see the power of the voice of God at work and walking in obedience to His Spirit.

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Arrival Day

July 7, 2023

Departure Day

November 22, 2023


Training Phase


Outreach Phase



School Leader

Yohan Maduna


What Happens in this course?

Training Phase (12 weeks)

Learn and grow in a missions-focused community.

You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and be discipled in living out your faith.

Recognize God's voice

Father Heart of God

Discipling the Nations and Evangelsim

Worship, Prayer and Intercession

Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Biblical Worldview

Outreach Phase (8-12 weeks)

Travel the world with a team, learn about new cultures while serving local communities, and “make God known” by demonstrating the tangible love and power of the gospel.

The outreach phase is designed for you to practice what you have learned during the training phase, and expand god's kingdom.

Bible Teaching and Distribution

Prayer Ministry

Children's ministry

Medical Education

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