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December 19, 2022
December 7, 2023

Lecture Phase on the m/v YWAM Liberty

$6,600 PGK or $1,900 USD

Lectures, Food, Housing

Come find

The Liberty DTS is a combined effort between YWAM Port Moresby and the m/v YWAM LIBERTY. The DTS will carry the heart of YWAM Port Moresby and be hosted on board the m/v YWAM LIBERTY.  This working vessel not only brings life-saving medical care to remote villages in Papua New Guinea, but also serves Bible Translation for some of the remaining languages that have no access to the Bible in their mother tongue.  Liberty means Freedom! Not only can you expect to receive new levels of personal freedom through Jesus, you can also expect to be a part of bringing freedom to others through the facilitation of Bible Translation and the development of marine skills. Come join us to find and bring Liberty!