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Do a 5 months Discipleship Training Course

Our Vision

DTS (Discipleship training Course) is more than just an education; it is a journey into the very heart of God, discovering His call for your life and how you can use your gifts, skills and education to bring transformation to the nations. Within a community dedicated to prayer, worship, and seeking God, we will challenge you to become the man or woman God desires you to be.

Our Focus

Discipleship Training School is all about learning what it means to be a genuine disciple of God. It is our heart to walk with you through that in two specific phases, the first being Lecture Phase. Lecture Phase is three months of classroom learning about God, spending time with him, and seeking his heart for your life.

After this you will embark on a two-three month Outreach Phase. Outreach is where the classroom becomes practical. This is where you spend time serving, evangelizing, and furthering the kingdom.

Life is much more than just going to church.

Too many people live their christian lives at the basics. Don't accept the status quo. God has so much more for you!


Lecture Phase

*Kona, Hawaii (1 mile from UofN)

* except Impact DTS (Haiti), Island DTS (Panama)

3 months (12 weeks)

To Know God

Outreach Phase

*Papua New Guinea, Panama, Haiti, Cambodia, etc*

* List not exclusive

2-3 months (8-12 weeks)

To Make Him Known

School Details

Come do your Discipleship Training School in the beautifully re-purposed hotel base of YWAM Ships Kona and join one of our Ships locations for outreach!


  • Lecture Phases starting the first Thursday of every Jan, Apr, Jul, and the last Thursday of Sept, running for 3 months
  • Outreach Phases start after lecture phase and last for 2-3 months


  • Lecture Phase $3,995. Includes food, accommodation, and tuition. Does not include airfare.
  • Outreach Phase $4500-5500. All inclusive.


  • Lecture Phase will be held at our base here in Kailua Kona, HI.
  • Outreach Phase will be decided a few weeks after the start of Lecture Phase.

Find Out More Info!

We'd love to help get you here! Let us know if you need any other information!

+1 (808) 757-9150

Discipleship Training School

Know God, Make him Known