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Discipleship Training Schools (DTS).

Your level entry with YWAM.

Multiply DTS

Starts January 6, 2023
Starts January 5, 2024
Port YWAM, Kona Hawaii
To multiply missions in all nations

Holoholo Aloha DTS

Starts January 6, 2023
Starts January 5, 2024
Port YWAM, Kona Hawaii
Holoholo in Hawai'i means to "go fishing." In Holoholo DTS, we believe God has called us to be fishers of men (Matt. 4:19). Beginning in Hawai'i, the Pacific, Asia, and beyond.

Encounter DTS

Starts April 7, 2023
Starts April 6, 2024
Port YWAM, Kona Hawaii
Once we encounter who God truly is, we will never be the same! We strive to launch our community into a life of knowing, trusting, and following God. Knowing God intimately and bringing His love into the nations using your unique skills and passions.

Ring Of Fire DTS

Starts July 7, 2023
Starts July 6, 2024
Port YWAM, Kona Hawaii
Discovering the ancient pathways of the Pacific

Life and Liberty DTS

Starts September 29, 2023
Starts September, 2024
Port YWAM, Kona Hawaii
Live a life of extraordinary adventure with Jesus

YWAM Liberty DTS

December 19, 2022
December 7, 2023
YWAM Liberty, Papua New Guinea
Liberty means Freedom! Not only can you expect to receive new levels of personal freedom through Jesus, you can also expect to be a part of bringing freedom to others through the facilitation of Bible Translation and the development of marine skills.

Island DTS – Panama

To Be Confirmed
Outpost Panama
Live, learn and grow in the jungle.

Sail & Bible DTS

September 8, 2022 - January 28, 2023
Corpus Christi, Texas

Life Around The Table

September 21, 2023
YWAM Pisa, Italy

Wind and Whisper

Starts July 7, 2023
Port YWAM, Kona Hawaii
A life changing 6 month course

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