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you are more than just skills

It’s been a joy to work in a very diverse community full of gifted individuals, each with their own passions. I’ve learned a great deal about the ministry and my fellow volunteers. I cannot think of a better environment to volunteer in.
Jaime Gomez, Communications Department, USA
It’s wonderful to work with a ministry associated with young people and to watch them serve God so passionately. And, from a personal standpoint, I don’t see anything in the Bible about retirement. We should use our skills to serve God however we can until He calls us home.
John McDonnell, Captain, USA
My experience was amazing. We prayed for the sick and shared our faith. We felt safe and comfortable doing so. I would highly recommend getting involved.
Lisa Maurette, Nurse, Canada
I learned a lot about medicine, myself, and God. I met so many believers in PNG that were kind servants working hard to improve their community and country. I felt extremely lucky and blessed. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and want to return.
Marianna Duncan, Nurse, USA
My life was forever changed because of The amazing time I had in Papua New Guinea. The incredible team unity made it so much fun and energized us through the long days of treating patients. I cannot wait for another chance to go back!!
Joan Fox, DDS, USA
Whatever your experience, skills, or talents are, YWAM Ships Kona can find a way to put them to a higher purpose.
Ron Bockhold, Captain , USA
I loved working with a group of creatives, who are passionate about spreading the word. The communications team taught me to use the skills I learned from my University in a mission setting environment.
Annika Felde, Graphic Design, Austria

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