until all have heard
until all have heard

to the ends
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934 inhabited islands without airports

regular ferry service, roads, or bridges.
No matter what human health or education index you use, islands are among the most vulnerable families on earth.

No one should be
left behind

Education, food security, clothing, clean water, shelter, healthcare,
The Christian Magna Carta, which YWAM believes sets our missions’ goals, is motivating brave volunteers and yacht owners to ensure no-one is left behind! That means we must have a strategy that will, over the coming years, empower us to reach and impact all villages, every language, on every island, no matter how isolated they are—making an impact that changes things for generations to come. This includes categories such as education, food security, clothing, clean water technology, shelter, and healthcare are some of the goals in this guiding document. To view the Christian Magna Carta, click here.