Yacht Owners

By partnering your yacht with the Flotilla Initiative, you can make a difference in the lives of those who are isolated.

You don't own a yacht yet but have marine training you want to use for missions? Click here.

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In the Flotilla, yacht owners partner together with the initiative to help mobilize mission teams to isolated islands in the Pacific. These teams consist of several members who fly to a specific island nation and join aboard a vessel traveling to the outreach location. Each outreach is approximately two weeks long and involves different ministry operations that collaborate with local authorities and other Christian organizations. Yacht owners play a key role in this strategy and in breaking the cycle of isolation that remains a stronghold over many of these islands today.

If you are interested in using your yacht to bring change and the hope of Jesus Christ to these people, please fill out this short inquiry form for more information or visit the Apply Now page if you are ready to register your vessel.

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