to the ends of the earth
to the ends of the earth

until all have

no one should be
left behind

our mandate
...and you will BE my witnesses
… to the ends of the earth.
Acts 1:8
This is an invitation to be part of a family, to serve the most isolated people groups and witness the Love, Care, and Hope of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

What is the challenge?

No matter which human health or education index you use, those living on the isolated islands of the Pacific are among the most vulnerable on earth. So far, we have identified 934 inhabited islands scattered across the vast Pacific Ocean, which means many families live without their basic needs being met.

What is it going to take?

The Flotilla initiative was created to gather a group of vessels, a family that can rally together to reach these isolated islands. We are all invited to be messengers for this cause by engaging through the following ways:

help us reach the ends of the earth.

Yacht Owner

Use your yacht to make a difference
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Bring your different skills to the isolated
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Get equipped for the nations
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Join the Flotilla team
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Get equipped to serve the isolated


Advocate and give to the Flotilla initiative
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our reach

YWAM Ships has been working to bring change, mobilize volunteers and create opportunities to display the love, care, and hope of Jesus.
villages visited
water filters
medical services

*2016 & 2017 Statistics from 4 vessels serving in 3 nations

But we need to go further until all have heard and experienced the love of Jesus.

together we can make an impact



Developing an Education Hub for training and equipping with basic courses. Implementing the ”Library for life” as a sustainable educational system.


Offering discipleship training and Bible translation, distribution, and engagement.


Providing primary health care, health education, preventative medicine, and clean water projects.

Do you have a heart for reaching the isolated islands?

This year’s Encounter DTS offers a Flotilla experience through which you will receive specialized training for sailors, intercessors, evangelists, and adventurers. Along with the DTS curriculum and experience, you will be trained with practical tools to serve the vision of partnering with private yacht owners to reach the ends of the earth. Learn about how we build on the missionary history of those that have gone before as we work to fulfil the Great Commission. Network with others with similar vision, join forces to strategically plan, and receive an impartation on how to investigate the needs and approach the isolated islands with humility and a heart to serve.
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