About us

The Flotilla Initiative began in 2020 out of YWAM Ships Kona as a vision to reach isolated islands throughout the Pacific Ocean by using private sailing vessels to minister to island nations.

our mission

Geographically, the Pacific islands are some of the most remote and isolated places on Earth, with many of these locations being hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. So far, we have identified over 936 islands that do not have access to airports, regular ferry services, or some of life’s most basic needs.


Through the strategy of partnering with private yacht owners, the Flotilla Initiative is mobilizing mission teams to bring discipleship, bible translation, children’s ministry, education, healthcare, clean water, and most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Pacific islanders.
Every Nation.
Every Island.
Every Person.
Mark 16:15

Our manifesto

In Youth With A Mission (YWAM) we believe everyone on earth has the right to:

• Hear and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.

• Have a Bible available in their own language.

• Have a Christian fellowship available nearby, to be able to meet for fellowship regularly each week, and to have Biblical teaching and worship with others in the Body of Christ.

• Have a Christian education available for their children.

• Have the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter and health care.

• Lead a productive life of fulfillment spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically

based on the Christian Magna Carta


deserves to lead a productive life with spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical fulfillment.




Developing an Education Hub for training and equipping with basic courses. Implementing the ”Library for life” as a sustainable educational system.


Bible translation, distribution, and engagement. Fellowship and discipleship training.


Primary healthcare and education for children, youth, and adults. Clean water projects.