Join The Family

YWAM Ships Kona, in collaboration with Christain yacht owners worldwide, is working together to carry volunteers and bring free education, health care and the hope of the Gospel to some of the most isolated islands in the world. There are over 934 Pacific islands without airports, regular ferry service, roads, or bridges connecting them to the outside world. Islands that, no matter what human health or education index you use, are among the most vulnerable families on earth. Our missions’ goal is motivating brave volunteers and yacht owners to ensure no-one is left behind! That means we must have a strategy that will, over the coming years, empower us to reach and impact ALL villages, EVERY language, on EVERY island, no matter how isolated they are—making an impact that helps to encourage and empower them for generations to come.

what can you do?

Be an island explorer... Do you feel to GO?

  • Sign up for a DTS: Discipleship Training School with YWAM Ships Kona in Kona Hawaii. You will get 3 months of training and 2 months of outreach to the isolated.
  • Serve on a short term trip to the islands or join our staff here in Hawaii.
  • Join a Flotilla Outreach. Coming in 2022 we will begin forming Flotilla teams. Contact us if you or your church are interested in taking part in a short 2-3 week outreach.

Be an island ally

  • Adopt the islands through The Flotilla Fund with a $monthly donation or 1 time gift. What could your impact be?
  • Sponsor Charter Yachts to allow more volunteers to go out
  • Help Equip our teams with training and resources to engage the isolated islands with all aspects of the Christian Magna Carta
  • Partner with us in Prayer

be a messenger

  • Engage by following us on FaceBook and Instagram, sharing our stories and asks. To help us tell Christians around the globe how they can take part in this mission.
  • Refer someone who can sign up their boat
  • Connect your church with this cause to become Island Allies and Island Explorers.
  • Invite us to your church to share about this initiative
  • Watch and Share these Videos with your Church Family