HAVE YOU EVER WANTED to make a difference?

Start your adventure with God, do a Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii!

* Our YWAM Ships Kona campus is one mile away from the YWAM Kona campus (UofN).

Adventurous? Seeking God? And Fun?

A Discipleship Training School is all about learning what it means to be a genuine disciple of God, hearing his voice, walking out your calling, and use your passions to make a difference. All the while, getting to know others just like you on the beautiful island of Hawaii!

A journey into God's heart

More than education, discover His call for your life, your gifts, and how you were created to bring transformation to the nations.

Travel the world

Experience God's creation, cultures and peoples around the world, and share Jesus love in passionate ways.

Be the difference

Learn how to hear God's voice, study and teach the Bible, pray and intercede. And watch God change your world .

A dts takes you deeper with god and your calling:

redeem time

The course is designed to be intensive and immersive for quick and effective results.

grow your faith

Learn from experienced missionaries in a community-style learning environment.

Get to the field

Outreach is the critical part of the course where you get hands-on cross-cultural ministry.

use your skills

From construction to medical work, make a difference with what's in your hands.

Express your passion

Share God's love to the world through creativity, art, and passionate love.

be part of a movement

Join a global movement and God's great commission.

Enjoy Hawaii

Explore the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii while getting to know God!

classroom learning:

Lecture Phase is three months of classroom learning about God, spending time with Him, and seeking His heart for your life.

YWAM Ships Kona campus

Hawaii seafront facility, one mile from University of the Nations/YWAM Kona

12 weeks

3 months of weekly topical teaching and community learning environment.

know god

Deepen and solidify your relationship with God, broaden your worldview through biblical lenses, discover his plans and purpose for your life.

field trip:

After this you will embark on a two-three month Outreach Phase. Outreach is where the classroom becomes practical. This is where you spend time serving, evangelizing, and furthering the kingdom.

the ends of the world

Includes but not limited to, Papua New Guinea, Panama, Haiti, Cambodia, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Italy, Mexico, etc...

8-12 weeks

2 to 3 months of putting into practice everything learned in the classroom in a cross-cultural environment.

make him known

share god's love through acts of mercy, building up the local church, creative avenues, radical prayer and realtionships.

hear from graduated students

"DTS has sharpened my relationship with Jesus, re-established my faith, and shown me the true meaning of worship. My DTS has now been promoted to the favorite chapter of my life!"
Emilio Tapia, USA
"DTS pushed me to realize that I am a part of a bigger story than what I could've imagined."
Brian Park, South Korea
"DTS gave me the environment and the community I needed to better understand who God made me to be."
Christine de Villiers, South Africa
"DTS has challenged me to trust in God in ways I was not aware of in my comfortable environment back home."
Sha Robinson, Australia
"DTS has radically pushed me into a deeper relationship with God."
Samuel Feenstra, USA
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    All year round

    We run schools every quarter, just choose one that fits you best!

    kona, Hawaii

    YWAM Ships campus, ocean front facility, one mile from UofN.

    5-6 months

    Split in 3 months of community learning and 2-3 months field trip.

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