Living Water DTS

Refreshing hearts, Reviving Nations

about the course

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we immerse ourselves in the life-giving waters where Jesus seeks to refresh, restore, and renew our faith. Inspired by the profound encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:1-26), our Discipleship Training School (DTS) offers a unique opportunity to dive into Scripture, engage in intercession, worship in spirit and truth, participate in hands-on ministry locally and internationally, and uncover your divine purpose in Christ. All of this takes place amidst the rich spiritual heritage of the historic city of Canterbury, England, where every cobblestone echoes with the whispers of centuries of faith.

Training Phase (12 weeks)

Know God.

You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and be discipled in living out your faith.

Hearing God's voice

Identity in Christ

Holy Spirit

Character and nature of God

Father Heart of God

What makes us Unique?


Join us in Canterbury as we embark on a pioneering journey with YWAM, contributing to the revival of the city where England first re-embraced the gospel.


Pursuing Jesus is an ongoing journey of seeking, surrender, and transformation. It's about aligning our hearts, minds, and actions with His teachings and example, allowing His love to guide us in every aspect of our lives.


We are ignited by a fervent passion to carry Jesus' love and message to every corner of the world, reaching people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.

Course Information

Living Water DTS


Arrival Day:

July 9, 2025

Departure Day:

December 18, 2025


Training Phase:


Outreach Phase:




> 18y/o

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