Island Adventures DTS

tapping into the adventure within

about the course

Island adventure DTS is a call to those who long to explore the deep and wild heart of God through adventure in nature and their walk with the Lord. In the early days of missions we see that it took bravery, leadership, and a heart to trail-blaze in order to make God known. This DTS will not only give you a unique opportunity to discover God through his creation here in Hawaii, but also to follow in the footsteps of those missionaries who have gone before us. Those who dared to explore and who dared to push their hearts to truly know who God is! As much fun and as thrilling as it can be to push the limits physically, we believe that the true adventure is the one that leads us deeper into the heart of Jesus.

Training Phase (12 Weeks)

Learn and grow in a missions-focused community.

You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and be discipled in living out your faith.

Hearing God's voice

Identity in Christ

Holy Spirit

Character and nature of God

Father Heart of God

What makes us Unique?


adventure is out there and we are going to learn to see it through Gods eyes.


valuing the community we are in and the one we serve is a key part of this DTS!


we will explore and experience what missions is all about.

Course Information

Island Adventures DTS


Arrival Day:

July 10, 2024

Departure Day:

December 5, 2024


Training Phase:


Outreach Phase:




Conversational English

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