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Set your heart ablaze

about the course

An epic five month journey across the Pacific islands, to some of the most isolated islands in the world. If you want to see God set your heart ablaze through worship, prayer, and more, then this is for you! You will spend 5 months praying for the nations, worshipping God, and learning to follow Jesus wholeheartedly to the ends of the earth.

Training Phase (12 weeks)

Learn and grow in a missions-focused community.

You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and be discipled in living out your faith.

Recognize God's voice

Father Heart of God

Jesus, Sin, and the Cross

Worship, Prayer and Intercession

Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Biblical Worldview and DiscIpling Nations



What makes us Unique?


We value hunger. It draws us closer to our Creator, and we get to experience the fullness of life as we recognise our dependence and desire for more of His presence and perspective.


It takes humility to walk in vulnerability. We know that God will meet us all in powerful ways, and that our journey of missions is one of deep trust in Jesus. Through humility, we see God for who He truly is, and we experience genuine, authentic community that is centred on truth.


We are called to be visionary, and to be pioneers! As we develop an understanding for missions, and what God is doing in the Pacific, we not only hear it, but we do it. God's heart is filled with vision which always leads to life, and it's a joy to do that with one another.


God is passionate. He cares deeply, loves recklessly, and relentlessly pursues individuals, communities, cities and nations. He is calling us together to be able to walk in representing the passion of the Father to reconcile us to Himself.

Course Information

Ablaze DTS


Arrival Day:

July 10, 2024

Departure Day:

December 5, 2023


Training Phase:


Outreach Phase:




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