Outreach Teams Registrar Manual


Outreach Teams Registrar Manual

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.” 

-John 10:14-15 

Registrar/Location Interaction

The Ships Registrar and Location Leaders all work very closely together. It is a mutual effort to recruit, process applications, make phone calls, etc.

We try to have all formal communication come directly from the Registrar ( Arrival Details, etc) and more of a relational relationship being built between the location and applicants.

Email templates

Located in the Outreach Registrar Google Drive is a folder called “Email Templates”. We have specific templates we use for the following:

Please select the appropriate email template to be inserted into the body of the email you are sending. The templates are meant to assist you and help you to work more efficiently as well as communicate clearly.

If an enquiry or applicant asks specific questions in their email feel free to add to the template. The template is not meant to limit your communication, but to assist you so you are not re-typing the same email over and over. Feel free to add in additional paragraphs where you answer individuals questions, get a specific word or verse for them, tell them a bit about your missions experience, etc.

You may also remove sections of the templates if they are not applicable to an applicant.

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Located in the [email protected] Google Drive is a folder called “Outreach Handbooks”.  These attachments are for applicants or enquiries prior to them arriving at their Location.

  • General Health Forms
  • + 65 years / medical condition Health Forms
  • Medical License Applications for PNG
  • Preparing to Come Booklets
  • Indemnity Insurance
  • Customs Letter for PNG

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Enquiry Received

If the enquiry has provided their phone number please call them right away to answer their questions as well as to pray for them and encourage them.

Please email them the appropriate template, then set a reminder for yourself to email them a follow up email in 10 days time.

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General Location Information

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Vaccination Policy

YWAM Ships requires all physically able incoming staff, volunteers and trainees to have up to date vaccinations. Our heart behind this policy is the belief that God has called us to reach the most isolated people in the South Pacific Islands, utilizing ships to bring much needed medical care and supplies. 

In many rural areas of the globe certain diseases are still quite rampant. An example would be that every day world wide there are about 400 deaths just from Measles alone. One of the ministries we do when we go into rural areas is provide basic health care training, deliver medical supplies as well as administer vaccinations.  

Pregnant women, new borns, those with compromised immune systems and the elderly are very at risk and highly susceptible to preventable diseases. These are quite often the individuals we are serving and ministering to. We believe as potential health care providers it is our calling to protect those who are unable to guard themselves against illness.

This is not a YWAM International policy, but a policy of YWAM Ships Kona. 

We highly encourage individuals to take Malaria medication for the duration of the outreach.

We do understand that there are varying beliefs regarding vaccinations, please feel free to encourage trainees to take some time and prayerfully consider joining with us. Alternatively if they feel called elsewhere we are able to transfer their application to a YWAM location of their choice that does not have this requirement.

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Preparing to Come Information

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Medical License Application

All medical professionals who practice medicine in PNG needs a valid PNG medical license. We gather the applicants information and submit the application to YWAM Townsville who then lodges them in person.

Once applications are submitted please upload them to the individuals Salesforce contact. Rarely will PNG send us a copy of approved licenses. However we must be diligent to file all of the paperwork correctly with them.

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