empowering youth championing locals

A life-changing 5 month course in Hawaii!

Discover and walk into God's calling on your life

E Komo mai, e hele mai,

Welcome, come and experience God our Father in a fresh and amazing new way. Be embraced in His warm and loving arms as He takes you through a journey of discovering your identity in Him. You'll get opportunities to receive healing from past hurts and experience being filled with the Holy Spirit! Be the ekklesia of seeing South East Asia and the South Pacific get woven back together into God’s Ohana and claim God as Messiah.

During Lecture phase, we believe God wants to give you an anointing to be faithful witnesses for Him. We are also a Mobile DTS which means we will be traveling throughout the state of Hawai’i. We would travel for more awesome teachings or be a part of their amazing ministries such as various youth camps. Our traveling of course will depend on where Hawai’i is with the Corona Virus Restrictions. 

experience the Holy spirit

We want to set a platform for you to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in an intimate way!

Be mobile

We love traveling and bringing God's joy wherever we go

Be part of our ohana

We do all of this in a close family atmosphere, so come and join our Ohana!

Be the difference

Learn to apply God's words to every area of your life.

invest in youth

Camp Lokahi Makapala, Camp Lokahi Philippines, Camp Nueva Ecija, English camp Thailand.

A dts takes you deeper with god and your calling:

redeem time

The course is designed to be intensive and immersive for quick and effective results.

grow your faith

Learn from experienced missionaries in a community-style learning environment.

Get to the field

Outreach is the critical part of the course where you get hands-on cross-cultural ministry.

use your skills

From music to medical work, make a difference with what's in your hands.

Express your passion

Share God's love to the world through creativity, art, and passionate love.

be part of a movement

Join a global movement and God's great commission.

Our Focus

In Holoholo DTS, we want to set a platform for you to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in an intimate way and deepen your relationship and understanding in God the Father. We will come along side you in discovering your spiritual gifts in ministry so that you can equip, inspire and bring healing and salvation in Jesus Christ to the lost. We will teach you how to share the Gospel of Christ with others through inductive Bible study, American sign dance, seminars, children’s camps, and open air ministries.

For more information about our upcoming DTS's, email us at [email protected]

"During my Holoholo DTS I had the chance to grow more fully into what it means to be God’s child, laying down some things that were keeping me from loving myself and others, and learning to more deeply receive God’s love and grace in my life."

- Ariana Yee (Holoholo Sept DTS)

January 2021

3 months of lectures, 2 months mission trip

kona, hawaii

YWAM Ships campus, one mile from UofN


Lectures, Food, Housing
* doest not include outreach

got questions? We'd love to talk.

[email protected]

PO Box 4010,
Kailua-Kona HI, 96745