Oral Bible Translation

Help a people group receive the Word of God in their heart language

about the course

Imagine how it would feel if you couldn’t access your Bible or even reference a specific verse because there is no single translation in your language. Today, this is the reality of over 1,300 bibleless languages. We want to change that reality and you can be part of it.

Training Phase (12 weeks)

Create a brighter future for a specific people group

In the Oral Bible Translation school you will be a part of a team that will make the Word of God accessible to people groups in their mother language for the very first time in history. You will learn directly from real life experts in the field to help equip you to become a Bible translation facilitator.Join us and start your journey as a history maker.

Holistic Oral Bible Translation


Community and Facilitator


Internalizing Stories

Principles of Bible Translation

Inter-cultural Friendships


Conversational Discovery of Scripture

Recording, Checking, and Producing Drafts

Publication and Management

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Oral Bible Translation


Arrival Day:

October 2, 2024

Departure Day:

December 21, 2024


Training Phase:


Outreach Phase:




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