Oral Bible Translation school

a Bible in every heart language

Do you want to create a brighter future for a specific people group?

Imagine how it would feel if you couldn’t access your Bible or even reference a specific verse because there no single translation in your language.
In 2022, this is the reality of over 1,300 bibleless languages. We want to change that reality and you can be part of it.

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Paul Dingtounda

Mega OBT School
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hear from students

"The OBT school was amazing for equipping me in my calling in Bible translation, and it gave me new insight and revelation on what it means to reach the lost. I learned things I wish I knew back when I started in missions."
David Hindley, Canada

    hear from students

    "The OBT school was life changing for, not only me, but I believe for generations to come. I was hugely impacted personally by the ownership of our own callings, and in that, how God can use anyone he wants to get the job done. In first hearing about Oral Bible Translation, it seemed like this big scary thing that only could be done by the intellectual thinkers. Now I see that everyone is included in the process, and I am one of them."
    Katelynn Montagino, USA

      October 2, 2024

      October 2, 2025


      Port YWAM, Kona Hawaii

      Field Assignment: January

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