Principles of Redeeming Cultures School

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about the course

PRCS exists to equip individuals to see God’s redemptive truth applied to all spheres of society for social transformation, as they journey toward wholeness, healing and freedom through cultural restoration and community transformation.

Training Phase (12 weeks)

Impart biblical principles through training, to redeem the cultures of the earth to fulfill the Great Commission.

Awareness of the students personal identity and strengths of their own nation. Student will identify core vision and develop a true framework for action Student will be able to articulate from a Biblical perspective, Genesis to Revelation, what cultural redemption really means and have a biblical understanding of God’s creational intention for nations and people. Deepening of personal world view and understanding others Each student will walk away with practical tools for community transformation Discover distortions within their own cultures and find key principles to bring redemption. Appreciation of diversity and God’s intention for it. What is demonic and what not. A clear understanding of honoring God through culture and the expression thereof. Student will better understand the roles of “Firsts” (first peoples, first fruits etc…) Create platforms for the celebration of the expression of each nation of students represented. Understand principles of honor and protocol, learning to love and embrace it. Have answers for today’s hot topics such as the refugee crisis, BLM etc.

Cultural Redemption

Fathering nations and reconciliation

Social Entrepreneurship

Old testament template for today's world

Enthroning God on the land with cultural expressions

Unlocking and reaching indigenous and closed nations

Three cords that bind indigenous people

Course Information

Principles of Redeeming Cultures School


Arrival Day:

April 5, 2024

Departure Day:

June 26, 2024


Training Phase:


Outreach Phase:




Completed a DTS

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