In 2018, I was walking out the front door of Port YWAM Kona to go to the communications office. I was rounding the front of the building when I saw someone taking pictures of the base. I asked him, slightly concerned about security, “Hey can I help you?”

We started talking and he became quite emotional, sharing that, the year before, his life was a mess. He was homeless, living on the pier near the base. 

Then he met a few guys from YWAM Ships and they started hanging out every week. Throughout this time they introduced him to Jesus. After that, his life started to get better. He left Kona and moved to Hilo, on the other side of the island. He was just visiting Kona now and wanted to stop by the place that had changed his life. 

He explained, “This place means so much to me, I just wanted to take a picture to show it to my friend.”

The DTS students who spent time with him might not even know what became of him. He showed me the Bible they gave him. The pages were well read and covered in highlighter. While they probably don’t know the fruit of what they did, we got to see it. We don’t know who they were, but they played a part in changing this man’s life. 

Ben Fontaine, Communications Staff
YWAM Ships Kona

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