I went home after my DTS in 2016 with the plan of coming back and staffing the next year. Then, as time passed, I didn’t feel like I was ready for it. During this time, I had a dream that made me reconsider. In the dream I was on the deck of a ship, looking out to the land. We were in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and I was watching what I knew to be my students and outreach co-leader. They were on the land, praying over a baby that had just been born, but was not breathing. They were saying, “Help, help!”

I woke up and thought, “Ok. Maybe that’s my confirmation I need to go to PNG.” I asked the Lord to give me more confirmation and, sure enough, I had the same dream for two more nights in a row. I knew I needed to go. 

I came back in 2017 knowing that I needed to lead an outreach to PNG. I settled into staffing and had my outreach team. The plan was to go to PNG but there was an issue with our visas. Our backup plan was to go to the Philippines, instead. 

I had told people about my dream and everyone believed we needed to be there. All the other teams were getting ready to go but we still did not have our visas. We just kept believing. I knew we had to be on that ship. The night before the last of the teams were leaving, we finally got our visas. We booked our tickets and left the next day.

During our outreach, every morning when I woke up, the Lord would say to me, “Keep believing for this promise, keep believing for this promise.” We partnered with YWAM Ships Kona for the outreach and we served aboard the Pacific Link for about seven weeks. On the seventh week, God spoke to me about the dream. 

There was a storm that caused us to leave where we were anchored and sail to the other side of the island to a place called Kandrian. The first day we were there, I woke up and instantly the Lord said, “Today is the day your dream comes true.” 

I was scheduled to be on the ship that day, so I was disappointed that I would not be out there on the island. Then the Lord reminded me of my dream and how I was sitting on the deck while my whole team was on land, not me. The Lord asked me, “Rachel, are your prayers enough for you? If you can’t be there in person with this happening, is it enough for you that you can at least pray?” So I sat on the deck, praying, watching, and believing for it to happen.

Later in the day, I joined a group going ashore in a zodiac. We were on shore briefly and were getting ready to return when my outreach co-leader ran up to me and said, “Rachel, the baby was born! Go!” She pointed me towards where it was and I ran. 

When I got there my whole team was sitting outside the clinic where the baby had been born, praying. Then the doctor came out and said the baby had started breathing! The doctor told us the baby had choked and didn’t have a pulse for 15 minutes. My dream had come true.

I got to sit down with the mother the next day and share my story. We pinpointed things back to nine months before, when I first had the dream. I had been praying for this woman and her baby from conception to birth. I also realized that I had almost died in a very similar situation when I was born. God was at work in the details.

When I told her about the dream, she was very emotional. She appeared to be on her own, with no one else there. Hearing about the dream hugely comforted her because she could see how this baby was not a mistake. 

Rachel Friesz
YWAM Ships Kona

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