If the Bible isn't in their hands, how will they know what it teaches?

Not everyone has access to a Bible. Is any distance too far to give someone their first Bible? Get trained and go! Everyone deserves to have God's Word in the language that speaks directly to their heart.

Distribution Tools

the torch
The audio New Testament is available in over 1300 languages, recorded by Faith Comes By Hearing. Renew’s solar-powered Audio Bibles were created to be a reliable, durable way to bring God’s word to the most remote. Each of our players can hold multiple languages.
lighstream pocket
The LightStream is a portable media distribution device that can get digital discipleship materials onto people’s phones in places that don’t have internet access. It copies microSD cards and creates a WiFi hotspot that phones can connect to and stream and download God’s word.
Jesus Film backpack
Show Gospel movies to large crowds in areas that don’t have electricity. Each of our Vista systems has everything that you need to do Gospel movie presentations in remote areas, including a projector, speakers, lithium battery, and optional solar panel and PA system.
Solar- or hand-powered Proclaimers that store the New Testament in up to four different languages and, depending on the size, can be heard by families or whole communities.

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