Maui Fires Updates

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August 18, 2023
AUGUST 18, 2023 We wanted to provide you with a quick update on our ongoing efforts and the progress we have made thanks to your incredible support. Fundraising Success: We are deeply grateful for the generosity and compassion you have shown. Your donations and prayers have been instrumental in making a positive impact. Funds are steadily coming in, allowing us to take crucial steps towards aiding those affected by the recent disaster. Thanks also goes out to Operation Blessing and Hope Force International for joining in the effort and helping make this possible. Supply Procurement: With your contributions, we have initiated the purchase of over 600 boxes of essential supplies that are being delivered to Maui today. These provisions are a lifeline for those in need, and your support has made this possible. Youth-Led Initiative: In a remarkable show of dedication, a group of 60 young individuals took the initiative...
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August 12, 2023
AUGUST 12, 2023 Kona, Hawaii – In the wake of the devastating Maui fire that has left communities reeling, the YWAM Maui Fire Relief Team, comprising YWAM Ships Kona and the University of the Nations Kona, continues to make strides in providing vital assistance and resources to those affected. As the scale of the disaster unfolds, the true extent of the tragedy becomes more apparent. With just 3% of homes searched by FIMA cadaver dogs, the death toll continues to rise. Currently, approximately 1000 individuals are reported missing, and the destruction of 2200 structures further compounds the crisis. Responding to this dire situation, YWAM Ships Kona and the University of the Nations Kona are spearheading a comprehensive relief campaign. Collaborating closely with local partners on Maui, supplies are being collected and dispatched via Aloha Air Cargo. Urging the community’s support, the relief team emphasizes the importance of donations to intensify their response...
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Donations Received!

August 11, 2023
Thank you so much for your generous donations. We are deeply grateful for the quick response that so many of you all had. The YWAM campuses of YWAM Ships Kona and the University of the Nations in Kona have partnered in their response to the fires on Maui. Due to backed-up airports, our relief efforts to bring aid have begun by sea. Early this morning, August 11, a crew of four from YWAM Ships Kona set sail from Kona, Hawai’i, en route to Maui. The vessel they are using is part of our Flotilla Ministry and is fully loaded with supplies for women and children. The supplies and items on board were donated last night by local missionaries at a YWAM gathering here in Kona. Items and donations will continue to be received for a week at the University of the Nations campus. We encourage anyone in Hawai’i who owns...
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Urgent Fire Appeal

August 10, 2023
Maui Fire Relief Currently, there are devastating wildfires that are tearing through the homes of our family and friends in Maui. In some places, the fire went all the way to the ocean with residents jumping in the water to escape, while others died in their cars trying to evade the fire. Even some of our staff have lost loved ones. As a response, we have teams that are sending supplies on our own flotilla yachts, as the airports are blocked with thousands trying to fly out. However, we want to get in with as much help as we can. We need your help to send the necessary supplies to the vulnerable and afflicted. Please help us help our Maui neighbors....
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