Donate towards a Medical Outreach

We provide free medical care for remote islands of the Pacific.

Medical volunteers join our vessels and set up clinics that vary depending on geography and local economies.

When we receive your donation we will pair it with the appropriate outreach.

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Types of medical outreach

We perform a variety of different medical services. When you make a donation, we’ll pair it with a medical service that is appropriate. These are some of our medical services:

Dental Clinics

A team of dentists provides dental care on shore and surgeries on board.

Primary Healthcare

Doctors and nurses perform medical check ups on shore.


Reading and prescription glasses are given for free after testing.

Immunizations shots

Children are given immunizations shots such as Measles, etc...


Surgeons perform cataract surgeries on board, giving people their sight back.

Hygiene Education

Basic hygiene training, where education is limited, enables communities to remain healthy.

Health makes a huge difference


Access to healthcare empower children to be in school instead of staying at home sick.

Economic Growth

Healthy men and women are able to work jobs and bring a steady income, which in turn benefits the whole community.


Access to health services and education enables a better understanding of germs, healthy habits, which in turn increase sustainable transformation.