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Logos is a 300 level school in the U of N on Hermeneutics or how to think about and teach or preach the Bible. The course is run over the course of 4 quarters, each having a different emphasis such Old Testament, New Testament, Intertestamental Literature and History of Christian Hermeneutics. This program was created to serve those who have done Bible courses in YWAM but have had no opportunity to continue on in their learning. Furthermore, it was created to serve those who are on or would-be staff or leaders of Bible courses in the University of the Nations though the content is not limited to YWAM specific ministry. Finally, this program was created to be run in the context of full-time ministry, thus participation in worship and intercession as part of normal community life are built in and the staff role/responsibility takes the place of what is often called “work duties.”

old testament

new testament



Jan 4 - March 27, 2021

cultivate healthy patterns of reading Biblical scholarship

make the most out yourtime

This program is designed for those who are currently working as full time staff, in such a way that they will be able to participate while maintaining their responsibilities.

Cohort approac processing

Each person is a contributor to the learning process with no guest speaker each week.

Personalized portfolio

Participants will create a portfolio of teaching/preaching material, which can be used in their current or future rolls of ministry.

weekly readings

Participants read approximately 100 pages per week of scholarly material and write a one-page chapter summary for each chapter.

Small group

Participants participate in 1 small group discussion and one individual meeting with school leader each week.

Create teaching/preaching material

Participants create teaching and preaching material of their choosing, in line with the focus of the quarter.
* Priority of enrollment will be given to those currently ministering in a full-time capacity in the field of Biblical teaching and preaching. Cohorts will be limited to 12 participants each.

every quarter

run across multiple quarters, teach having a different focus such as Old Testament, New Testament or Hermeneutics

kona, hawaii

YWAM Ships campus, one mile form UofN


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