s/y NEXT WAVE Needs List


June 5, 2011

For all inquiries please email: [email protected]

Galley Supplies:
-Dish (tea) towels
-Hand towels
-Spoon rest
-Melamine mugs with a nautical theme
-Soft plastic spatulas for batter/icing
-Electric hand mixer

-4 Sets sheets & duvet covers for double beds
-5 Sets sheets & duvet covers for single beds
-10 plain blue sheets
-2 Towel sets (Bath towel and washcloth)
-20 hand towels
-6 throw-pillows (assortment of red, brown, or yellow preferred… needs to match the colour BLUE)
-3 bathmats/bathroom rugs
-6 stainless steel attachable soap trays/shelves for showers
-6 plastic soap dishes
-4 shower curtains
-20 nice-looking, small baskets (approx. 18cm or 7in diameter)

Community Life:
-Wholesome DVD’s (USA Pg-13, PG, or G; UK Pg 12, Pg or U)

-Small pressure washer
-Portable 3 phase welding kit
-Stainless steel pop rivets (all sizes)
-New fuel counter
-Variable speed milling machine
-Putty knife
-Flameless heat gun
-All sizes of washers
-Parts for Hamman sewage treatment plant (contact for details)

-Self-amalgamating tape (can never have too much)
-Whipping twine (No. 2, waxed, can‘t have too much)
-Whipping twine (1mm, waxed, can’t have too much)
-Mooring lines (4 lines, minimum 50m in length, made of mixture of natural and man-made fibres)
-Spool of 14mm rope (mixture of natural and synthetic fibres)
-Spool of 16mm rope (mixture of natural and synthetic fibres)
-White teak oil
-Marine paint (white, black, & “Oxford blue”)

Interested in knowing more? Contact us. We’d love to chat!