Are you YWAM alumni with skills and a little time?


June 12, 2011

Appreciate everyone’s connection, remarks and offer to pray for us as we begin this new YWAM center in OC. Karen and I share a deep sense of privilege as we look ahead.  We know this will take a huge team to pull something like this off.  We would like to explore what it would take to create a base where the bulk of the “back office” roles are done virtually.  It is being done in business and in churches now and we are intrigued to see how this might work for YWAM Ships.

Are you alumni with skills and have a little time to contribute from home?  Roles like accounting, web, IT, registrars, writers, graphic artists, data entry, resourcing, video editors, HR, legal, anything that could work virtually – then all we need to do is interface via video conferencing and we could have a huge team almost immediately. Thoughts? Let us know.

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