Flying Car will reach the most remote places on Earth


June 28, 2011

From September 1st until the end of November 2011, YWAM Ships and are partnering up with I-Tec and AEI to put together a tour across the USA with the first ever FAA approved flying car: the Maverick. The tour is called “Beyond Roads”. The engineering and innovation of this is remarkable.

You may have heard of Steve Saint whose dad Nate Saint was killed in the Amazon in the 50’s, which is pictured in the movie End of the Spear? Steve Saint is the designer of the Maverick. He has been a bush pilot and missionary for most of his life and has designed this machine to help reach the most remote places on earth.

YWAM ships purchased one and will use it in Papua New Guinea with the Pacific Link to reach inaccessible tribes along the river. The Maverick can deploy floats in place of wheels so it can land on water and work hand in hand with the YWAM medical ship, the m/v Pacific Link.
AEI has purchased the 2nd unit, and both vehicles will be on tour together.

Once the Beyond Roads tour (USA and Panama Canal) has been completed, it will be shipped off to Australia, where the Beyond Roads tour will continue. The Maverick will be on display around the coast of Auz in the south, all the way up to Townsville in the north. After that, it will travel to Papua New Guinea where it will be deployed with YWAM Ships.

See articles on our website, or check out our sister organisation at for reports of our vessels in action. The crew of the Pacific Link is doing an amazing job in a really remote area, often called the Africa of the Pacific.

You can read more about the vehicle on their website at

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