President Honors Aaron Bremner and His Crewmates


January 7, 2015

Aaron Bremner and President Loeak 2

President Loeak and Aaron Bremner April 2nd with s/y HAWAII ALOHA

President Christopher Loeak of the Marshall Islands sent his condolences to YWAM Ships Kona concerning crewmen Aaron Bremner. Last year President Loeak extended a 10 year invitation to YWAM Ships Kona requesting healthcare and educational initiatives for his outer islands and recalls Bremner from his last deployment.

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Aaron Bremner’s Family Update

This evening we received a letter from Charlene, Aaron’s mother on behalf of her family.


January 7th, 2015

Hi Brett,

We have been so moved by spending time at the YWAM Ships Kona campus this past week and learning about the tremendous outreach sailing program that captivated Aaron’s life.

YWAM Ships Kona was the way Aaron chose to live out his passion and life’s mission of loving God’s people all around the world. We would be honored to see his passion continue through the program he believed in by requesting an Aaron Bremner memorial fund be set up for the purpose of replacing the Hawaii Aloha ship. This would help bring healing to the family and cause our hearts to humbly soar.

We thank you again for everything YWAM Ships Kona has done and for your consideration of the memorial fund.

With heavy and grateful hearts,

Aaron’s family

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