Good News for the Marshall Islands


March 5, 2015

Good news for the Marshall Islands!  YWAM Ships in Kona will be sending a 57-foot ketch named s/y Cloud Nine 2CLOUD NINE, the first vessel to join the partnerSHIPS fleet©, to the Marshall Islands on April 10, 2015.

This is welcome news since the mission’s vessel s/y HAWAII ALOHA grounded off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii on January 3rd of this year. She was one of six vessels that grounded during that winter storm and resulting in a total loss for the mission. At the time the s/y HAWAII ALOHA was the only vessel focused on the region of Micronesia by YWAM, which took medical and educational initiatives throughout these isolated islands. Now with s/y CLOUD NINE joining the effort we will see our work continue.

S/y CLOUD NINE  is owned and operated by the Suderno family from Oregon.  They signed CLOUD NINE up for the partnerSHIPS program in January and she has been moored in the Kona bay preparing for her deployment this April.

suderno family on boatScott Suderno and his wife Katie along with their two children Nick and Sydney will be hosting teams of volunteers focusing efforts on the outer islands and have a long-term goal to permanently live in the Marshall Islands. Teams are already preparing to join them. Provisions and funding are currently being sought for the mission.

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