Thank you for following our updates and being part of our effort to reach the isolated. God has us involved in an amazing story this year, one we could not have scripted ourselves.

As you probably know miracles end up creating tons of work, which we don’t mind at all, in fact we are thriving amidst it. We are so grateful for our YWAM Townsville friends gifting the PACIFIC LINK and the Wiebe family for EL ENCUENTRO. Now we are circling back to you our friends wondering if you might help gather medical supplies for our work in PNG? We would love the help and have a concept brewing.

Our Supply Chain Idea


We have started building a small team of volunteers in different cities who are gathering supplies and sending them to our warehouse in Orange County. From there they get sent out to the ships on location. We have five people helping right now but need a lot more to get the job done. 


Think of your own Doctor, Dentist, or outpatient eye surgery place in town and consider asking if they wouldn’t mind placing an information page in their lunch room, or on their bulletin board? That would really help get the word out?


When we receive donated supplies it makes a huge difference to our budget. Check out the four different needs lists we have on our web and let us know. Click the procurement button.

Questions? Email Monica – [email protected] or call 1 (808) 757 9150.


BC Signiture
Brett Curtis
YWAM Ships Kona
+1 (808) 757 9150

Interested in knowing more? Contact us. We’d love to chat!

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