Thousands Of Eyeglasses Donated To YWAM Ships


January 26, 2016

Thousands of eyeglasses are on their way to Papua New Guinea thanks to Restoring Vision. The California-based nonprofit organization is shipping 10,000 pairs to the Pacific-island nation to assist YWAM Ships with its healthcare outreaches in Madang Province. The glasses were sponsored by the eye-care organization America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses.

 “Thank you to our wonderful partners for giving the Gift of Sight,” Restoring Vision officials said in a prepared statement.

A report by New Zealand researches Julianna Lees, Judith McCool and Alistair Woodward, who have compiled information from eight Pacific-Island nations, said ophthalmic health remains a major challenge in Papua New Guinea.

“Data show changes in eye health across the region, with refractive error more common in PNG,” the report said, referring to the condition more commonly known simply as blurred vision. “In three countries (of seven) data indicates a decline in the number of cases.”

The glasses were loaded onto containers and shipped from Orange County, California, en route to the m/v PACIFIC LINK in Papua New Guinea. According to academic studies on eye care in the region, the gift could not be more timely.

12573700_10153238641681512_431052600109308041_nYWAM Ships Kona director Brett Curtis said that these kinds of partnerships give the ministry more financial flexibility.

“This saves us a tremendous amount of funds given the fact that we do not have to part with precious cash to purchase many of our items,” Curtis said.

To find out how to partner with YWAM Ships Kona by donating health care supplies, click here.

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