To all those who made it possible, THANK YOU!

Going the Extra Mile for Nancy

You can see the condition of never seeing a dentist in these before and after shots. YWAM Ships dentist Joan Fox decided to go the extra mile with some wonderful reconstruction.


Outputs For Cycle-One

We are so pleased to report results from our first two-week cycle in Madang Papua New Guinea.

Over 3,000 heard the story of Jesus including

Patients seen at screening – 652d42b9e5c-899e-4630-bdaf-8e4d00d11b21
Patients seen in clinic – 273
Extractions – 317
Restorations – 71
Clinic referrals – 22

Immunizations – 229
Nutrition – 71
Outpatient – 49
Malaria tests and treatments – 9
Wounds cleaned – 212

Total Bible in Tok language downloads – 678
Total Jesus Film video streams – 223

Of course much more than this actually happened as it is so hard to reduce it to statistics. Especially rewarding are stories from our community engagement outreach teams. Many wonderful stories we will continue to share with you in the future. One thing is for sure, when YWAM outreach teams join us they have an AMAZING experience being a part of the whole package.

Join us for an outreach, now scheduling through April 2017. Choose a 2-week, or several 2-week windows that work for you! Email us at [email protected]

Baylor University Medical Center

a9d1e8f9-5946-4931-9236-270e5c7d0726We are so glad friends follow us on social media and email as we communicate about serving the isolated, especially when they tell others who can make a difference. One such friend in Alaska told a friend named Emily (to the right) who is a Nurse Practitioner in Dallas who in turn approached Baylor University Medical Center for help. 90% of our medical supply needs from that conversation were gifted in one, very large, grant!  Amazing! One person saying yes! Thank you Baylor and thank you Emily!

If you have contacts for supplies, even small amounts check out our needs lists at then contact [email protected]


e542193b-f8d4-4c44-9014-71ea053fa003A patient from DAY ONE named Bernadette said she had debilitating pain in her mouth for nine months due to an abscessed tooth. When it was pulled she said the pain went immediately. We all can recall vivid pictures in the movie Castaway, when actor Tom Hanks knocked his tooth out with a stone.  Many who have never seen a dentist in their life actually do this to relieve the pain. No wonder Bernadette was grateful when we removed that painfully infected tooth.

Not long after this, one dear man had 10 teeth pulled in one sitting! Ouch! Imagine the pain he was in.

Light Stream In Action

In a village on the outskirts of Madang, a two-hour drive from the ship, the village Chief expressed his gratefulness to the Primary Health Care team for attending him however he was more excited about receiving the Jesus Film and the Bible in digital form in Tok, his mother tongue. Light Stream technology has made a way for portable streaming in remote places. 300 gathered, received care from the team and watched the Jesus Film as they waited. As one of the team members explained everything they began downloading. To date 687 Bibles have been downloaded, and the Jesus Film has been streamed by 223.

Thank you Renew. Thank you Jesus Film. Thank you Light Stream for your generous partnership!b83d6889-92d1-45b1-8cd3-1e028dbc13f65b7bf4cb-2732-459b-873f-39f9da811ad7





Interested in knowing more? Contact us. We’d love to chat!

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