The vaccinations thought to be waiting for us to load in time for our next sail to Bagabag Island were not present upon our arrival.

In a desperate attempt to have them available for our next stop, we sent John Mark Wheeler, who is in charge of our medical clinic on board the m/v Pacific Link, to fly to Port Moresby where he was able to attain the needed vaccinations just in time to fly back. John Mark made it with ice chests full of supplies, in just enough time for sailing to Bagabag!

Bagabag island now has vaccines and a rising generation of children will now have the chance to live!

Not to mention, after being told there was nothing they could do in regards to waiving the 64 pounds overage on baggage fees, the Lord brought over the right person, at the right time and all baggage fees were waived!!! The Lord’s favor is upon this mission to help those in the most remote!!

Vaccines on this island means an entire generation of children can now have a fighting chance at life without disease! Life and life abundance! Praise God for this provision!

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