YWAM Ships Receives Third Vessel for PNG – s/y RUACH


May 3, 2016

Today there has been yet another extraordinary act of generosity gifted to YWAM Ships Kona, this time from a Swiss organization. An incredible yacht having recently benefited from a refit valued at 4.5m Euros, has been given to work among the isolated islands of the Pacific. We are humbled by this trust and so pleased to make this announcement today.

Ruach 3
Here is a press release just sent out moments ago. Celebrate with us! Mr. Birenstihl we thank you, your family and board for this incredible gift to YWAM.
A Third YWAM Vessel Will Now Engage In PNG.
YWAM Ships Kona is delighted to announce that the s/y RUACH, a German-based training vessel, has been generously gifted for work in the Pacific by Mr. Hans-Ulrich Birenstihl of Jurgendheim Sternen AG.
Brett Curtis, of YWAM Ships Kona said they were very grateful to receive the vessel, “The s/y RUACH will assist in the very important, long term training and medical work YWAM has been undertaking in Papua New Guinea since 2010.”Since that time, m/v PACIFIC LINK and the m/v YWAM PNG have delivered more than 330,000 training and medical outputs.Ruach Mr. Curtis said that the hope is to deploy the s/y RUACH long term into PNG with an initial 5-year commitment to the northern isolated islands of the nation.
“This could be another step toward releasing capacity building ships in partnership with PNG to reach the most isolated regions with life saving health and training services,” said Mr. Curtis.
The Ship will be operated by YWAM Ships Newcastle. “Our team is full of anticipation to partner with our friends in PNG. We celebrate both the generosity, and the extraordinary work of the Swiss Charity Jugendheim Sternen AG. We are thrilled to build upon their proud history.” said David Stephenson of YWAM Ships Newcastle.

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