Features: Family Raises Funds To End ‘Bible Poverty’


August 29, 2016

EBEYE ISLAND, Marshall Islands — The Sudernos are helping the movement to end “Bible poverty.” The family of four — which has been serving as missionaries here since last year — has launched a fundraiser to purchase 200 Bibles, which would be distributed among the most isolated people in this Pacific Ocean nation. The family has already been to four atolls and has distributed Bibles on 21 islands in those atolls. Katie Suderno said many homes in the Marshall Islands lack access to Scripture.

“We are not sure about the number of people without a Bible, but we know that many of the outer islands do not have even one Bible per household and that is our goal on every island,” Suderno, 48, said.

The Sudernos plan to purchase Bibles in the Marshallese language. Donors can purchase one Bible for $10 or a box of 12 for $125. The Bibles will be purchased from Word of Grace Ministries in Majuro. The family has set a long-term goal of ensuring every family on the Marshall Islands has at least one Bible. On Ujae atoll this past spring, they distributed Bibles to all of the 74 households there, giving about 400 people access to Scripture in their own language.

In July, the family visited Carlos Island along with a field team from Port YWAM Kona. The group oversaw a children’s Bible school, conducted Bible studies and distributed Bibles, among other initiatives.

“My favorite highlight was seeing 16 people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior,” Suderno said. “We praise God for all he did and is doing and for ending Bible poverty on another island here in the Marshall Islands.”

As a family, the Sudernos say they want to help the Marshallese people anyway they can. They provide free health services such as diabetes testing, primary health training, wound care, free reading glasses and more. The Sudernos — who have participated in numerous medical outreaches — say Bible distribution is their most important ministry.

“For our family, we are driven to make sure every house in the Marshall Islands has a Bible so they can read it and become closer to Christ,” Katie Suderno said. “Bible poverty is robbing people of knowing the very God who made them, the friend who knows their pain, the love that knows no bounds, and the truth that sets them free. This is what we want to end in the Marshall Islands.”

To donate, go to visit the Suderno ministry website or click the link below.

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