Think Inside the Box!


September 7, 2017


For the first time in Youth With A Mission history, YWAM Ships now has a ship that can be used to transport shipping containers to isolated islands!

Having such an amazing gift end up in the hands of YWAM can only be a work of God. The m/v YWAM Liberty has a massive cargo hold, a dental clinic onboard, the ability to carry landing crafts, and has a helicopter flight deck. These features now mean that with relative ease, our mission can deliver innovative tools from the University of the Nations.

Containers can be prepackaged by UofN centers, delivered by the YWAM Liberty, set up in clusters of 15-20, and assembled to create a small island campus instantly. Having these mini campuses will result in an acceleration of all kinds of services and training in these isolated regions. Now we are not limited to just bringing people to aid the mission, but we are able to bring our most proven and impactful tools with us.

Imagine a classroom with solar panels providing internet connectivity for a wide range of training and equipping seminars. The containers will be ideal for events like teachers’ trainings, IT labs, medical clinics, birthing suites, and Homes of Hope. The containers will also be able to hold vocational labs like wood shops, small motor mechanics, recording studios for translation of the Jesus Film, accommodations, food services, pre-schools, the list goes on and on!

What would you put inside a container to bring the hope of Christ to the isolated?

Contact [email protected] with your ideas!

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