Greetings, guys! Merry Christmas from Palau =] Thinking of everyone a little bit extra this week – I miss you guys terribly but God is so good to me here =]

This past week has been amazing – we landed in Koror, spent two days there, then headed north to the state of Ngarchelong to help re-roof a church. We spent the week getting to know our fellow workers, three locals whose American-pronounceable names are Osmond, Jesse, and Other. In between working, they took us fishing. We spent several afternoons at the pier, where we often went to cool off during lunch or after work.

On Friday, Osmond and Jesse took us fishing offshore in their family’s boat. We spent the day on an inhabited rock island, eating the fish we caught, swimming in the ocean, and machete-ing open coconuts to eat and drink. They gave us a dream day of total island paradise. I’m not sure that I’ve ever been somewhere so beautiful.

On Saturday, we came back to Koror and are spending time with our host, Fuana. Her house is our base here in Palau, and though we’ll be moving around as needed, we’ll always touch base and find our way back to her =]

Next week, and on out through January 8th, we’ll be going to the state of Kyangle. This is where the typhoon did the most damage in all of Palau – it essentially flattened the island. Supplies and fresh water are dropped in by air or boated from Koror everyday. We’ll be staying in community, I imagine in something like a gymnasium. The Red Cross has donated materials to fully rebuild 65 houses, so as much as we are physically/skillfully allowed to help, we will. There are boats back and forth everyday, so if anything happens, if we need anything, we are not to far off – but as far as communication home, I may be a bit more out of touch. But one thing my leader, Max, quoted to me that really hit home, is this: “Do you really think your presence is more powerful than your prayers?” I have been resting in this and am praying for people much. I’ve near entirely cured all homesickness in the light that God is holding everyone I love infinitely moreso than I ever could. =]

Love you guys, so very much! Aloha from a different set of islands, Merry Christmas, and I’ll talk to you guys again soon.

Alicia Rizzo – DTS Student

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